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Massage can be something to treat your self with for sheer enjoyment and relaxation. Massage therapy is a clinical treatment that is performed by specially trained therapists. Clinical Massage Therapist is a protected title. This is an assurance for you. Clinical massage therapy can significantly improve your quality of life and ability to perform at work, leisure and sports. It can reduce or eliminate pain, discomfort and distress. Saul Sowe (member of NAF) offers the very best techniques and treatments in massage therapy, acupuncture and reflexology. He is also a personal trainer and gives great advice on what kind of exercise that is very suitable for you in combination with treatments.

Revolving - streching & muscle massage

Revolving: To reset. Muscles are treated back to their natural, balanced state.

Revolving is a unique, highly efficient, deep massage method: the muscle is flexed and massaged simultaneously. This affects your muscles, muscle membrane, not to mention the release of breath. The technique is based on an analysis of the posture. The treatment helps to correct the problems that many struggle with. Many problems occur because of an imbalance between the muscles, which in turn leads to crazy stress on joints. The revolving method effectively influences both the nervous system and blood circulation.

Try revolving for:

• Muscle pain associated with sitting still and screen-related work.
• Apparent chronic pain after surgery or sports injuries. This is often caused by scar tissue, which results in reduced mobility circulation.
• Sports Injuries
• "Long distance knee"
• Casual Wear
• Stiff neck and headache
• Rigid spine and hip
• Difficulty to complete exercises such as squats and dead-lifts.

The technique is equally effective in preventing, as repairing. For those who participate in competitions, it means a lot to the performance that you maintain peak balance between muscle groups by taking regular treatments.

Classic massage

The muscles are processed with different grips, which make them softer and more elastic. This increases circulation and stimulates the hormonal and neural activity. Classic massage can be relaxing, therapeutic or preventive, depending on what you want and need for the best possible results. Classic massage includes connective tissue massage, trigger point therapy and sports massage. The basic principle is to increase blood flow and stretch muscle fibres. The five basic techniques are employed and these always begin with warming up the muscles with long stroking movements in the muscle fibre direction, usually in the direction of the heart. The therapist will identify the areas that need the most attention and work together with the client to find you the best possible frequency of treatments.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage is a deep treatment that relieves chronic tension by pressure. Trigger points are characterized in that they radiate pain, i.e. pain often experienced in areas other than where the problem is. Other symptoms may include numbness, tingles, feeling cold or power loss. The reasons are usually prolonged sided stress or sudden stresses, impact or pressure. The treatment is a combination of massage, compression and stretching. Saul also treats trigger points using acupuncture needles to optimize treatment efficancy. - telefon: +47 97100011 - Stamina HOT Akersgata 51 0180 Oslo
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