In reflexology, diseases and ailments are treated by stimulating zones under your feet with pressure and / or massage.

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is easy to perform and provides quick results. Many are completely rid of ailments after a series of reflexology treatments. Zone therapy is as old as Man and based on a holistic approach, in which areas of the foot, hand or ear corresponds to organs and body parts in the rest of the body. Through pressure and massage on these points equivalent body are stimulated.

Every part of the body has a zone on the feet called reflex zone. If there is tenderness in a reflective zone, it can sometimes be that a part of the body cannot function optimally.
By treating the tender reflex zones with special pressure combinations, the zone therapist can affect the organs of the body to improve function, thereby restoring the body's balance. - telefon: +47 97100011 - Stamina HOT Akersgata 51 0180 Oslo
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